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Paglo launches public beta with "share-its"

The IT search engine, Paglo, launched into public beta today with new features.

Paglo is billed as "The Search Engine for IT." I think that is a pretty accurate description of the company's product. They take a Web 2.0 approach to gathering and displaying data about a network and the devices in it. If you want an in depth look at how Paglo works and all that it has to offer, I would recommend checking out my review, from November. For the purposes of this post, I'm just going to cover what they're doing now.

Paglo is launching the public beta of their service today. Currently, Paglo has been implemented at 800 companies, each with a target employee size of between 50 and 1,000 people. The core functionality of the service remains the same, but the most exciting addition is Paglo Share-its.

Share-its allow Paglo users to share their searches, dashboards, and alerts with other Paglo users. Theoretically, Share-its will eliminate the need for every IT person to create their own solution to the same problem. For example, if a new security exploit is found in a certain version of Flash, someone in the Paglo community might create a Share-it to identify the devices in the network that are at risk and need to be patched. Perhaps another Paglo user collaborates and improves upon this Share-it and creates an even better solution. Now, the entire community benefits from what they can collectively solve. Paglo is calling this "social solving" and I think that it could be a very powerful asset.


Paglo is free for everyone to use, at least through this summer. At some point in the future, Paglo has said that they may start charging a monthly fee for the service, or at least for the advanced version of the service.

As I said in my previous review, I really think that Paglo is doing a lot of things right here. With the addition of Share-its, Paglo is certainly taking an already killer service to the next level. As the first solid Web 2.0 IT startup, I would really love to see them do well, so if you are in the IT sector, give it a look and maybe you will have a few less headaches trying to solve problems and a few less fires to put out.