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Paglo fleshes out all-in-one IT management service

Paglo is fleshing out Web 2.0-style IT service, adding features for managing virtual machines as well as applying patches across the network.

Paglo has been steadily building out its feature set as a Web 2.0-style solution to IT management. The latest improvements to hit the service include support for monitoring virtual machines, as well as patch management. Being able to monitor both physical and virtual machines from the same cohesive interface like this is really killer and the new patch management system is sure to ease some headaches during upgrades.

Monitoring virtual machine statistics on Paglo's dashboard. Paglo

Paglo also seems firmly set on a price point of $1 per device monitored, per month. This seems like a good pricing strategy, but I would like to see Paglo adopt a similar strategy to Amazon Web Services in making the pricing more flexible based on exactly what clients need. Currently Paglo users have to pick from packages such as "Up to 300 devices," "Up to 400 devices," etc. Even though this is a pretty traditional model for pricing web services, I think that it seems a bit dated, especially with a $1 per device sort of model. Why not let Paglo analyze the network, add devices and bill for exactly how many devices a company is using, rather than sticking clients with paying for unused device slots? If a company only has 130 devices, it seems unnecessary to make them pay for 200, especially when the monitoring technology is in place to adjust for what you actually use on a per month basis like Amazon does. Paglo would obviously take a revenue hit on this, but it would save companies from flirting with the line between subscription plans, knowing that if they add their 101st device that it costs an extra $100 instead of an extra $1. Paglo's model is, of course, the way that most similar companies structure pricing plans, but maybe it is time for a market shift.

All minor gripes on pricing aside, these new features are welcome additions to an already robust toolkit for IT administrators. IT has a strong focus on rooting out problems with a network and with machines on that network. Traditionally, there tended to be a lot of guesswork associated with finding the source of a particular problem. With all of these new features that Paglo keeps on adding, they are making IT into a much more exact and manageable science.