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Paglo debuts slick NetFlow traffic analysis

In an update to its service, the company has added visual NetFlow traffic analysis. IT administrators can now see a detailed view of traffic patterns by protocol.

Since we first covered Paglo in November 2007, the site has seen some significant advances. On Monday, Paglo is implementing a visual representation of NetFlow traffic data.

Basically, NetFlow allows IT administrators to see a detailed view of traffic patterns by protocol. You are able to see who is using the bandwidth on your network in order to better understand why the network is congested. This can be a very powerful tool for IT administrators, and it adds another notch of value to Paglo's Web 2.0 IT product, which I've endorsed in the past.

A look at NetFlow. Paglo

Since we last checked in, Paglo has also introduced a monetization system. Paglo was free during its beta period, but now it has a monthly subscription model in place. Users pay based on how many devices they want to index and also how long they want to store data for reporting.

Managing 50 devices and storing data for 30 days costs $50 a month. The prices scale up from there. Users can still use the service for free, but the free version has serious limitations.

Users of the free service can manage only 20 devices and can store data for only seven days in the past. Only keeping seven days of data basically makes trend data features worthless because it can't effectively track them.

Although the prices may seem high by consumer standards, keep in mind that this is mostly meant for the enterprise, so the higher price tag fits.