Pagani Huayra replaces Zonda, redefines awesome

At more than $1 million, the Huayra doesn't come cheap, but we're guessing Pagani will have no shortage of customers if this thing delivers on its performance promises.

Rory Reid

Pagani Huayra
Pagani has ditched the wings and spoilers that kept the Zonda glued to the floor in favor of four individually moveable flaps--one on each corner of the car--that adjust like ailerons on a plane. Pagani

We've got to tip our caps to Pagani. The Italian sports car company has grabbed the awesomeness dial with both hands and cranked it all the way up to "amazeballs" with its new Huayra supercar.

The car, named after the Aymara people's god of wind, Huayra Tata, is the replacement for the iconic Pagani Zonda. It's hardly surprising, therefore, that the two share DNA. Both have similar silhouettes, headlamps, and centrally mounted quad exhausts and are powered by enormous V12 engines supplied by Mercedes-Benz.

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