Pagani floors it, with a branded stereo

Joins trend of supercar companies making consumer electronics.

Crave Asia

If this trend keeps up, perhaps supercars may no longer be the Pagani Automobili raison d'etre. Like Ferrari, the Italian car manufacturer has ventured into consumer electronics with its own line of home audio equipment.

What we have here is a flashy self-contained hi-fi system, a kit that comprises a vinyl turntable, CD player, preamplifier, 150-watt amplifier and a pair of floor-standing speakers, according to Autoblog. For exotic cars enthusiasts, the four-valve port on the loudspeakers adds a unique Zonda styling, while generous applications of carbon fiber and aluminum give the entire setup a uniquely polished appearance.

This product is obvious built ground up for the socialites and elitists, so we won't bother with the pricing. However, if you need one of these for your million-dollar mansion, just get your secretary to drop the Italians an e-mail here.

(Source: Crave Asia)