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Pad & Quill's Contega case for iPad 2 reviewed

You read e-books on your iPad, so why not make it look like a book?


Finding an appropriate case or cover for an iPad is a matter of personal taste. Some prefer the thin vinyl Smart Covers offered by Apple, which provide minimal protection, but also add minimal weight and heft. On the other end of the spectrum is the Pad & Quill line of cases, which are unapologetically large and solid.

It's especially pleasing to see a product so clearly evolve over the course of a few short generations. We liked earlier Pad & Quill iPad cases, but with reservations. The original was just too heavy and thick, especially compared with the still-new original iPad, which was thinner and lighter than any tablet we'd seen to date. But this latest version of the Pad & Quill iPad case, the Contega for iPad 2, is the best yet, and the first we've used continuously on an iPad for weeks on end without feeling the need to swap it out for something else.

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