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Ouya ships to Kickstarter backers by end of March

The open-source Android console will head out to tens of thousands of crowdfunders a few months before it lands in stores in June.

Ouya, one of Kickstarter's most successful projects ever, has also managed to hit its deliver targets.

Oh yea. Ouya is on its way to the Android open-source gaming console's original Kickstarter backers.

Developer kits went out to hackers and programmers a few months ago, and now the rest of Ouya's tens of thousands of crowdfunders who are primarily interested in getting their game on get their turn. The startup says it will begin shipping consoles to those folks on March 28.

Backers will receive an e-mail with a tracking number and estimated delivery date. The company expects it will take a few to weeks to get Ouyas into the hands of everyone who has waited patiently since last summer.

As for the rest of us who didn't get in on the game on level one, Ouya says its full commercial launch is still set for June, when the console will be available at retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, and Target.

So, an open-source game console sure sounds cool, but the prophetic words of Kevin Costner in "Field of Dreams" aren't guaranteed to come true every time -- what if they build it and nobody comes? That is to say, will there actually be decent games to play on this thing?

Never fear, says the Ouya crew. There was mention of at least 10 titles that came out of the recent Ouya Game Jam event for developers. And Kim Swift, one of the names behind Portal and Left 4 Dead, among others, is apparently developing an exclusive new game just for Ouya. Other titles from Minority Media and Tripwire Interactive are said to be forthcoming as well. Oh yea.