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Ouya game console hits stores in June

Preorders begin for the Android-based game console, T-Mobile may finally launch 4G LTE in March, and Dyson's latest creation is a water faucet that also dries hands.

Tuesday's CNET Update is ready for a new way to game:

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The Android-based game console Ouya (pronounced ooo-yah) is scheduled to arrive at major retailers in June. Preorders have begun for this open-sourced, crowd-funded console. It will give consumers cheaper access to a wider selection of games to play on their television, and games built for the Ouya will be free to try. The console costs $100 and includes one controller. Additional controllers will cost $50.

Also in today's tech news roundup:

- A screenshot taken of an internal T-Mobile document indicates that the carrier plans to sell the BlackBerry Z10 and other 4G LTE devices on March 27. Could this mean T-Mobile is almost ready to launch an LTE network?

- Forbes reports that FreedomPop is launching a clip that gives free 4G LTE to tablets.

- The engineers at Dyson have created a bathroom sink faucet that also dries your hands. CNET UK's Luke Westaway goes hands on (er, hands under) in this video.

- Today's app to watch is one for you lovebirds. The Pair app has been renamed to Couple, and the company also acquired a competing app in the UK called Cupple. Couple is for just two people to express their couple-ness with flirty photos, messages and drawings. It also syncs a calendar for scheduling dates, and users can share lists. Oh, and don't forget to send a thumbkiss on Valentine's Day.

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