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Our casting picks for the Han Solo spinoff movie (Tomorrow Daily 205)

Ashley and special guest Cameron Louis sit down to discuss who could play a young Han Solo in the newly announced standalone film, how the CleanSpace One satellite plans to clear space junk and how the world's first steel 3D-printed bridge will be created.

The delightfully fun Cameron Louis (@TheOnlyCamshaft) joins Ashley today in the studio to talk about all things geeky, starting with then EPFL's plan to clean up space junk with a satellite that works a little bit like a game of Pac-Man. Their CleanSpace One craft would launch into orbit, set a trajectory toward a specific bit of trash orbiting Earth, capture it with a net and then jettison it into Earth's atmosphere to destroy it. It sounds complicated (and it won't be easy), but someone's gotta clean up that space garbage.

The big story of the day is the official announcement of a standalone Han Solo film from Lucasfilm/Disney. We won't be seeing it until 2018, but we're already thinking about potential actors for the title role. It's a pre-Episode IV Han, so it'll be a younger actor taking on the part, and we've got our picks ready to go. Who do you want to see play Han Solo?

Lastly, we're discussing a very important bridge project in Amsterdam. Company MX3D is working hard on a 3D-printing robot that can print steel structures without any additional scaffolding, and they plan to deploy that robot to build the world's first 3D-printed steel bridge. It won't be finished until 2017, but the technology could change city planning and building going forward.

Khail will be back on Monday, but be sure to keep your eyes on his Twitter for all his SDCC coverage!

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205: Our casting picks for the Han Solo spinoff movie

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