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Others' views on Vista's first birthday

After offering her own views, CNET's Ina Fried takes a break from yammering to see what others have to say about the operating system.

OK, I offered several of my own perspectives on Vista's one-year anniversary on Wednesday. Today, I want to share some other takes on the big milestone.

Todd Bishop at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer had one of the most thorough looks at the big milestone, offering an in-depth story that looks at Vista's ups and downs. There were also blogs that looked at one user's struggle with Vista, the operating system's performance, and a computer repair shop that advertises in its window: "We remove Vista."

Windows Vista magazine had a most traditional birthday celebration, devouring a cake iced with the Windows Vista logo.

Others were in a more critical mood, including Robert X. Cringely, who was one of many to make fun of Microsoft's "Wow starts now" pitch.

Perhaps the most colorful look at Vista's birthday came from the Inquirer's Charlie Demerjian. A year ago, Demerjian called Vista a "chrome-plated turd." Now, he says, "the chrome has worn off the turd."

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