Original '90s Apple watch selling for $2,500 on eBay

You can blow away a lot more cash on a vintage Apple dumbwatch on eBay than on a new Apple Watch smartwatch.

Apple watch from the '90s
This Apple watch is way retro. theappleipodbay

Long before the Apple Watch, there was an Apple watch. It's hard to imagine the world of early Apple fashion. Today, we're used to the brand's clean lines and modern aesthetic. Once upon a day-glo time, Apple sold all sorts of weird gear ranging from pop-collar polo shirts to oversized Apple-logo sweatshirts designed to look good with leg warmers. In the '90s, Apple even offered a branded wristwatch.

The '90s Apple watch won't interface with your iPhone, monitor your fitness level or show text messages. It will just sit there on your wrist and tell time like any old watch. It also won't cost you $350, the entry-level price for a new Apple Watch. If you buy it from eBay seller theappleipodbay, it will set your wallet back $2,499.99 (about £1,690, AU$3,285).

The watch is listed as brand-new with the plastic seal still on the back. There's a new battery installed and the watch is in working condition. The band reads "Mac OS" in raised letters and the watch face says "quartz" and "Japan mov't." There's a classic rainbow Apple logo on the face along with some weird geometric and squiggly shapes acting as the hour, minute and second hands.

This isn't the only vintage Apple watch on eBay. You can find the same one for slightly less outrageous prices, but this particular listing highlights the fever around Apple's new high-tech wearable , which opened for preorders last Friday. High-priced eBay auctions are trying to ride on the coattails of its perceived glory.

It's notable that no one seems to be trying to buy this '90s watch, though 28 people have it on their eBay watch lists. Maybe they're all saving up for a real $10,000 gold Apple Watch.

Apple watch on eBay
This Apple watch comes with its own box. theappleipodbay

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