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Origin PC announces 'Big O' PC/Xbox 360 hybrid

Origin PC's new high-end gaming desktop features a built-in Xbox 360 Slim.

Update: Origin informs us that the Big O will, in fact, support a wireless Xbox controller out of the box.

Origin PC made a strong impression on us a few months ago when, in its first-ever CNET review, it earned an Editors' Choice Award for its high-end Genesis gaming desktop. As strong as we found that near-$5,000 PC, it was a relatively by-the-numbers luxury gaming box. Origin's new Big O desktop is anything but.

Origin PC's new Big O luxury gaming desktop.
Origin PC's new Big O luxury gaming desktop. Origin

Starting at $7,669, the Big O features a double-wide case (the Danger Den Tower 21, to be specific) with all the usual high-end bells and whistles. Even in the base configuration, the CPU, both GPUs, and the motherboard all come liquid-cooled. Upgrade options include up to two six-core Intel Xeon X5680 CPUs, two 1,000-watt power supplies, and up to four graphics cards. All of that is, of course, impressive, but the real innovation comes along the bottom edge of the system, where Origin has built in a liquid-cooled Xbox 360 Slim.

This fully loaded Big O features liquid-cooled everything, and sells for more than $16,000.
This fully-loaded Big O build features liquid-cooled everything, and sells for almost $17,000. Origin

You can see from the detail shot exactly how the Xbox 360 has been built into the Big O. By the wired controller in the picture we gather that Origin has not been able to build in wireless support, but if you're willing to spend $7,000-plus on a PC such as this one, we don't suppose an extra $99 for the Windows wireless controller kit will present much of a financial obstacle.

For all of its expensive PC hardware, the built-in Xbox 360 Slim might be the Big O's most innovative feature.
For all of its expensive PC hardware, the built-in Xbox 360 Slim might be the Big O's most innovative feature. Origin

We have few details regrading the extent to which the Xbox 360 is integrated into the rest of the system, but we suspect the computer and the console for the most part don't interact. Origin's press release mentions that you can play on the console while the PC is working on another task, but we assume that's simply a matter of cycling through video sources on your display. Origin also says "the Xbox ports are easily accessible." Hopefully that means it will support the forthcoming Microsoft Kinect motion gaming accessory.

The Big O goes on sale this afternoon, although CPU Magazine has already reviewed the $16,999 build featured in the images above. We don't see a lot of wisdom in writing up a formal review for a desktop such as this one ("Surprise! It's fast!"), but we would love to get our hands on a unit to see exactly the extent of the PC/Xbox 360 integration. Origin, you have our number.