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Orbino design captures Air once again

The Italian designer comes up with a new line of MacBook Air luxury cases.


Orbino is single-handedly trying to prove that there are better ways to design a MacBook Air case than the much-copied inter-office envelope look. Only a few months ago the Italian designer came out with its "Arista" series of bags for Apple's runway-model-thin laptop, and now it's introducing yet another case.

The "Aria" seeks to complement its beauty with brawn, made from both premium leather and "sculpted anodized aluminum frame." (There's apparently something about aircraft-grade aluminum that goes hand in hand with luxury products.)

It's a form-fitting case that hugs the Air like Vaja's $280-plus "Ivolution Leather Suit" unveiled just last week--only it's even more expensive. The Aria, which is available in various colors, finishes, and exotic skins, carries a price tag that starts at $529. If this trend keeps up, the cases may soon cost more than the computer itself.