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Oracle, AMD and Sun to woo Asian developers

Will invest $30 million on bringing software developers in five Asian countries into their fold.

Oracle has teamed up with Advanced Micro Devices and Sun Microsystems to launch an initiative aimed at increasing developer support for their products.

The three companies on Thursday announced they will invest $30 million in a partnership drive targeted at independent software vendors (ISVs) in Southeast Asia.

These investments, which include sponsorship of products and services, will reduce the time and costs for ISVs to certify their applications on Oracle's range of software and Sun's hardware based on AMD's Opteron chip, the companies said.

Specifically, Oracle, Sun and AMD will conduct a series of seminars and technical workshops across the participating countries--including Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand--in a bid get more ISVs into their fold.

During these sessions, the trio will provide complimentary software, servers and workstations, as well as technical assistance for ISVs to test their applications' compatibility with Oracle products that run on Red Hat's Linux server operating system.

Successful ISVs will also enjoy marketing perks, such as participation in joint exhibitions around the region and publicity in product catalogues, the three companies said.

CNETAsia staff reported from Singapore.