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At last! A vibrating umbrella that tells you it's about to rain

Commentary: Developed by former Samsung engineers, the Opus One "smart" umbrella is a fine idea. Or is it?

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Yes, this umbrella has a mustache.

screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Of all the things you need as winter comes, a smart umbrella is surely at the very top of your list.

You look critically at everything in your life these days, and if something's not "smart," you disdain its very existence.

Umbrellas have always been so very prosaic. Please, therefore, meet the Opus One.

Its handle has a little bowler hat and an old-fashioned mustache, but don't let that fool you. This umbrella is very much of the modern age. It was created by former Samsung engineers. It has, therefore, got features upon features.

Connect it to your Opus One Jonas app and your umbrella is primed with seven days of weather information. Umbrellas need that, so that they can do extra pushups in case of a coming deluge.

Of course, that Bluetooth connectedness means the umbrella's handle vibrates when you get a call or a text. This saves you from having to use your ears.

The Jonas also uses colored LED lights to display the state of the weather outside even before you leave the house. This prevents you from having to do something painfully old-fashioned, looking out of the window.

It tells your phone where it's wandered, in case you suddenly can't find it.

There is scarcely an end to the modern benefits of this forward-thinking form of protection. Please imagine that, when you're outside, you'll no longer have to do anything so pointless as to look up at the sky to see if dark clouds are forming.

Yes, all this for around $100. Of course, you do have to remember to put four AAA batteries inside the handle. Otherwise, the Opus One be will hopeless.

Sadly for some, it's currently only on sale in Japan and Korea.

I can see many Americans taking a trip there just to buy one or more of these. You can never have enough smart tools. The more you have, the smarter you surely are.