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OpenRemote: What's in a name?

OpenRemote seems like a limiting name for an expansive project.

I wonder why Marc Fleury and Mark Spencer decided to call their open-source home automation project OpenRemote. Reading the most recent update on the project, it's clear that these guys are making progress, but its progress toward a much bigger future than "remote" connotes.

The site talks about controlling audio/visual setups, full-home automation, etc. The sky is the limit.

Or is the name the limit? To me, a remote is something I point at my TV. The Marc/ks want me to point it at my house, and who knows how others will extend it?

Ultimately, it probably doesn't matter. What does "Fedora" have to do with operating systems, or "Openbravo" with ERP? Nothing, yet both projects are doing well. Of course, neither name limits itself to one aspect of the project, either.

Am I wrong, Marc/ks?