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Open sourcing data quality, but without the source? [Updated]

Where is the source code in Infosolve's software?

Everything is open source these days. Literally. Everything.

I'm not even sure what it means to be an "open-source data quality solution for structured and unstructured data," but that's precisely what Infosolve Technologies has (apparently) released with its OpenDQ Version 2.0.

Except, I'm not sure how it's open source. I can't find the source code anywhere on its website. A search of Sourceforge doesn't find it either.

Maybe it's only open to friends and family? :-)

I do like the premise behind its distribution philosophy:

OpenDQTM V2.0, like all of Infosolve Technologies solutions is powered by its Zero Based philosophy, enabling clients to utilize the solution with Zero term commitments, Zero license requirements and Zero upfront hardware investments and Zero defect dataTM. This Zero Based philosophy coupled with the innovative nature of the OpenDQTM V2.0 eliminates an organization?s need to invest in separate development environments, processes and expensive licenses for structured/unstructured data integration and data quality.

So long as "Zero Based philosophy" doesn't also come with "Zero Source Code," it sounds great. I like the company's focus on unstructured data (IMs, blogs, text messaging, Word documents, etc.), which makes up the majority of content/data.

I just want source code to accompany its marketing. It says it's open source. Where is the source code?

UPDATE: I just talked with the company. Apparently it makes its OpenDQ available under the GPL, Version 2. It doesn't post source code but does make it available under the GPL to its paid customers. This is perfectly fine, though it does remove some of the benefits to the company that open source can bring. It also doesn't preclude its customers from redistributing the GPLv2 software. But I'm glad to hear that it's using the GPL.