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Open Sources, Episode 4: British big company IT guy makes us look smart

Episode 4 of Open Sources actually delivers a real, live customer to talk about enterprise open-source adoption.

Robin Yellow joined Dave Rosenberg and I on our fourth episode of Open Sources, and it's a winner. Robin works for A Large Enterprise which we can't name, but his background provides interesting insight into how open source is taking off in enterprise IT, and what (or, rather, whom - hint, it's the CIO who doesn't grok this newfangled open-source stuff) holds it back.

Open-source bigot that I can be at times, Robin actually outdoes both Dave and me in that department, arguing that 2009 is the year for open source's big breakout in IT. Bring it on!

You can listen to the podcast here or over at Open Sources, where you can also catch the show notes.

P.S. If you work in enterprise IT and would like to join the show in the future, drop me an email. We're always looking for productive members of society to join the podcast.