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Open Season Episode 13: Microsoft's promises, grandmas running Ubuntu, and more

Open Season. Again. Sorry!

The Open Season podcast actually regained some respectability this week in Episode 13 with a guest appearance from Michael Cote of Redmonk, one of the industry's leading analyst firms. It proved to be one of the best shows we've recorded in many moons.

...[A] few of the highlights include our assessment of Microsoft's interoperability pact, BusinessWeek reporter Sarah Lacy's interview with Facebook's Mark Zombieberg, disappearing appointments in Zimbra, the evolution of Firefox, Matt Asay's grandmother using Ubuntu and, of course, Google's general evilness.

Fortunately, I wasn't up against the end of my quarter the way I was on the Dan Lyons podcast (Episode 12), so I actually enjoyed this one. I hope you will, too.