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Open It protects your hands from sharp plastic

New Open It tool makes it easier to open plastic shell cases.


One of the things I hate about my job, and there aren't many of them, is opening packages. Especially when I receive one of those products that comes in an annoying airtight clamshell plastic case that requires brute force and a sharp knife to open. I don't like sharp knives, nor do I like the sharp edges of the plastic cases.

For this reason, I was very excited to find out about the new Open It Zibra introduced on Tuesday. It's not rocket science, just a tool designed to open all types of hard plastic cases while keeping your hands free from the edges. The device features patented angular jaws engineered to provide maximum leverage while cutting.

The tool can open any package that might otherwise require multiple tools, thanks to its mini screwdriver, box cutter blade, and those aforementioned patented jaws.

According to Zibra, the new tool was designed by groups of female consumers working with Zibra. The groups are known as "Because Women Know," and it seems they really do know this time (not that I have any other ideas about other times). Zibra says the tool can be safely be used by anyone, including the elderly.

Ironically, judging from the picture, it seems the product is housed in a clamshell plastic bag itself. I guess things really need to get worse before they get better.

The Open It is available now for about $10 at retails stores and online.