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Open a URL in Chrome for iOS using Mobile Safari

iOS doesn't allow you to set a default browser, so we must resort to workarounds. Here's one that opens links in Chrome for iOS.

One downside to iOS is the fact you can't set default apps for various actions. This problem was once again pushed into the spotlight last week when Google released Chrome for iOS. Users of Chrome on iOS are not able to set the popular browser as the default browser on their iPhone or iPad. It's frustrating to say the least.

Until Apple decides to add (if it ever does) a default app functionality, users will have to rely on workarounds. One such workaround allows users to open URLs being viewed in Mobile Safari in Chrome for iOS thanks to Jon Abrams.

    Click to enlarge. Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET
  1. Launch Mobile Safari on your iOS device and create a bookmark. It doesn't matter what page you are on when you create the bookmark, you're going to change the URL. Name it "Open in Chrome" or something similar. Make sure its save location is set to your Bookmark Bar, then save it.

  2. Click to enlarge. Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET
  3. Next, open your bookmarks and tap on Edit. Select the bookmark we created in step 1 and change the URL to:

  4. javascript:location.href="googlechrome"+location.href.substring(4);

  5. Click Save when you're done.

Going forward, when you're viewing a page in Safari and want to open it in Chrome instead, tap on your new bookmark. The URL will then be automatically opened in Chrome on your iOS device. It should go without saying, you'll need to have Chrome for iOS installed in order for this to work. This sure beats having to copy and paste a URL from one address bar to the other. 

(Via: Lifehacker)