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Only $15,000 for a gold Nintendo cartridge

eBay auction is selling "the Holy Grail of video game collecting."


If you forgot about Valentine's Day and your maybe-not-so-significant other is into retro games, there may still be reason to take heart--as long as your PayPal account has at least $15,000 in it.

That's because that figure is the going rate on eBay for a Nintendo World Championships 1990 Gold Cartridge, which Uncrate calls "the Holy Grail of video game collecting." It could go even higher before the auction closes on Feb. 20.

According to legend, only 26 of these Midas-touched items were made, and just a dozen are believed to remain in circulation. And here's a bit of trivia: The competition for which they were awarded was purportedly inspired by the 1989 movie The Wizard (aka Joy Stick Heroes) that helped launched Fred Savage's career. But we'll try not to hold that against them.