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Online dating tip: Skip the selfies, guys

What does it take to get someone to notice your online dating profile? Zoosk CEO Shayan Zadeh explains what attracts more clicks for both sexes.

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Pictures on dating Web sites are notorious for being misleading. They're usually old, like when the person was 20 pounds lighter and had more hair. But even worse than that is a guy taking a selfie in front of the bathroom mirror.

That's a big no-no, according Shayan Zadeh, CEO and founder of the dating site Zoosk.

"Your picture is really important," he says. "Taking a picture that shows your full body actually improves your chances of responses. If you're a guy, avoid selfies. Selfies don't work for guys. Women, yes. Selfies work for them."

As far as what to write in your profile, Zadeh says men can increase their chances of success by talking about outdoor activities, while women can stand out by talking up sports.

When it comes to past relationships, it's OK for men to mention them, but not so much for women -- especially if they detail how bad those relationships were.

"If you're iterating things you don't want, like, 'I don't want this type of person.' The negative tone of the profile would be a disastrous result," Zadeh says.

Zadeh says mobile devices have sped up the online dating process and boosted online engagement, while video chat has allowed people to do a "light first date." Despite all the technology to prescreen and make introductions, the only true test to see if you're a match, according to Zadeh, is meeting in person for that first date to test out the chemistry -- or lack thereof.