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One USB drive that's actually two

The Split Stick is a USB drive that splits its storage into two parts.


I've seen a lot of designs for USB drives: the nerdy one, the credit card one, the key one, the prosthetic finger one, and the San Francisco cable car one. You've probably seen even more.

Now there's another one to add to the repertoire: a double-sided USB drive that's called the Split Stick.

Announced Thursday by Quirky, the Split Stick does just want its name states: it splits its storage into two. This is essentially two storage drives put into one housing. You can use one side for personal files and the other for work-related files.

Quirky is a community that engages participants to collaborate on product creation, where people can summit their ideas about different products. The Split Stick is the sixth product designed and developed by the Quirky community since its debut on June 2.

The drive combines two 2GB drives to make a total of 4GB. The USB drives are retractable and each come out of one end of the housing, which takes the regular shape and size of a typical USB thumb drive.

The Split drive comes in many different colors. Quirky

The Split Stick is made of an anodized aluminum body and encased in a protective rubber membrane. It comes in a range of colors: orange, blue, pink, red, black, violet, gray, or green. It has a plastic button on top that allows for easily navigating between the two sides of the drive.

Personally, I think this design is rather useless as you can use folders to organize different type of data. And if you forget what folder is for what purpose, chances are you'd mistake one side of the drive for another. Also, splitting the storage means you can't carry larger files with it. For example if your "personal" drive is 1.5GB full, you can't put another file that's 600MB on it, even when the "work" drive is still empty.

It would be a much more useful design, though, if the two drives were combined into one storage source and one of the sides allowed for read-only access, while the other side allowed for both writing and reading. This keeps you from accidentally erasing data or catching viruses when using the drive on computers you don't know are safe.

So, that's my first Quirky submission. Until it becomes reality, you can get the Split Stick now, and it costs $20.