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One Swede ride

Paulin Motor Company offers new concept car via CGI.

VR Concept car from Paulin
VR Concept car from Paulin

The Paulin Motor Companyjust launched a new concept car called the VR Concept.

Paulin is a Swedish design company founded in 2005 by Daniel Paulin, the designer who worked on the Fab 1 Thunderbird and the Focus C-MAX concepts for Ford. The company has also done work for Hyundai and Kia.

While it was sketchy on details, the VR Concept two-seater sports car is the beginning of a lineup of vehicles the company has planned, according to its announcement. The VR is "versioned for 2012." Car Body Design's comments from Daniel Paulin suggest that the designer is out to inspire car companies.

Keep in mind that this is a virtual car. Paulin partnered on the concept car with Opticore, a 3D software company who recently showed off its stuff at Siggraph, the Association for Computing Machinery's annual computer graphics conference.

The roof and spider doors hinge both away and up to completely expose the interior. The picture and my description, just don't do it justice. Watch the 3D animation video marked "Hood & Doors" on Paulin's site.

VR Concept
VR Concept Paulin Motor Company