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One of our favorite Netbooks gets a sequel: meet the HP Mini 5101

When we heard that HP was making some big changes to its small business Netbook, we were worried.

Dan Ackerman Editorial Director / Computers and Gaming
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Dan Ackerman
Watch this: HP Mini 5101

When we heard that HP was making some big changes to its small business Netbook, we were worried. After all, the current version--the Mini 2140--is probably our all-time favorite Netbook, thanks to an innovative keyboard (since adopted by HP's consumer Netbooks), full ExpressCard slot, and solid metal construction.

This new version, the Mini 5101, is indeed a stylistic departure from the 2140, trading the gently rounded silvery metal look for a sharp-edged black brushed-metal chassis. It's a little bigger than its predecessor, and also a little less expensive, at $425.

But since the start of 2009, we've seen a radical shift in Netbook prices, with entry-level models coming in under $299, for essentially the same combo of an Intel Atom CPU, 1GB of RAM, Windows XP, and a 160GB hard drive (in this case, you get the slightly faster N280 version of the Atom).

Still, if you can spend a little more for your Netbook, you'll find that the Mini 5101's keyboard and touchpad are hard to beat, and the rugged metal construction screams quality.

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