One more thing: Opera mashes up Steve Jobs, Shakespeare

France's Opera de Lyon debuts "Steve Five (King different)" on Friday, complete with a chorus of tenors, classical and rap music to explore the similarities between "King" Jobs and Shakespeare's King Henry V.

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Eric Mack
Jobs surrounded by his team of singing software engineers. Video screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

Steve Jobs built his castle through Apple from which to oversee a digital kingdom, complete with the world's most sought-after walled garden seeded with beautiful devices in constant bloom. Jobs was as much a king of computers as Shakespeare's Henry V was king of England, or at least that's the premise behind an opera that mashes up the lives of the two leaders, which debuts Friday at the Theatre de la Renaissance in France.

Titled "Steve Five (King different)" and composed by Roland Auzet, the Opera de Lyon production looks at the similarities in how the two "monarchs" led their troops into battle, both by venturing from England to invade France and by conquering the "cloud" from a Silicon Valley ivory tower.

Appropriately, the production makes use of video, and classical and contemporary music, even including a bit of rap. Hey, whatever, so long as it "just works."

Perhaps most notable is the fact that Jobs seems like a lot less of a belligerent jerk when he's singing in a delightful tenor. If you speak French, you can get the full low-down in the video below. The show runs through next week.

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