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One iPhone per person at AT&T stores

AT&T is telling customers they can only buy one iPhone per person, at least at first.

If you're planning to stand in line for an iPhone at an AT&T store, or if you're already there, understand that you can only buy one of those babies this weekend.

AT&T will only be selling one iPhone per person this weekend at this downtown San Francisco store, according to AppleInsider. Corrine Schulze/CNET Networks

AppleInsider received an e-mail from AT&T informing potential customers that it's one-and-done for iPhone purchases starting this Friday at 6 p.m., at least at the onset. Apple is also expected to limit purchases, but the company hasn't said how many devices you'll be allowed to take home. Neither company's Web site appears to have that info at the moment.

That could be bad news for anybody planning to flip an iPhone on eBay or Craigslist this weekend for a profit--that is, assuming you actually wanted one for yourself. At either $499 or $599, that's quite the upfront investment, but several folks tried to do the same thing with PlayStation 3s last winter. Since the iPhone isn't actually activated until you take it home and hook it up to the Internet, it should be easy to sell a deactivated iPhone, assuming there's no purchase contract that would preclude you from doing that.