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On the wagon: Nissan trials an in-car Breathalyzer

Nissan trials an in-car Breathalyzer

Fully Loaded?
Fully Loaded?

The likes of Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton might soon find themselves restricted to driving Nissans as part of their parole. The Japanese automaker this week announced that it had started testing an in-car Breathalyzer system that disables a car's ignition if it senses that the would-be driver is over the legal limit.

In a press release that looks suspiciously like it was translated by a software program, Nissan says that the system will be installed on "daily-operating vehicles where the drivers will monitor various factors such as functionality and alcohol-detection reliability." According to Edmunds, Nissan intends to roll the system out in production vehicles in Japan, but there is no indication (yet) that it's destined for the U.S. market.