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On Super Tuesday, the Web fears for Chris Christie

Technically Incorrect: A Vine featuring the New Jersey governor seemingly bewildered as he stands behind a victorious Donald Trump spawns the #freechrischristie movement.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.


Captivated? Or Captured?

Ronan Farrow/Vine screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Whether your chosen savior succeeded or faltered on Super Tuesday, you still might have experienced a deep anxiety.

While images of victory were displayed across the Web, there was also one piece of footage that troubled many.

It seemed to show New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in a state somewhere between troubled contemplation and troubling captivity.

As Donald Trump delivered a rousing victory speech, Christie stood behind him with eyeballs that shot around and eyelids that seemed transfixed.

This was all captured by a Vine that launched a thousand tweets. Or more.

What was Christie thinking? Digital majordomo Adam Khan suggested it was: "MY GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE?"

Soon, a #FreeChrisChristie hashtag was born.

Some wondered whether he was now regretting his calculation in supporting Trump.

Even his own campaign treasurer, HP Enterprise CEO Meg Whitman, couldn't believe it.

Worse, six Gannett-owned New Jersey newspapers issued a joint editorial saying he should step down as governor. Perhaps that's what was worrying him.

Or was it instead something more basic? Rolling Stone editor Lauren Kelley suggested: "Chris Christie, blink twice if you want someone to come save you."

The BBC's Anthony Zurcher showed a picture of a stressed Keanu Reeves with the words: "Pop quiz: New York billionaire takes New Jersey governor hostage. What do you do. WHAT DO YOU DO?"

Some suggested Christie should hold up a copy of today's newspaper to prove he was still alive.

And so a (perhaps longer that 24-hour) meme was born.

Of course, the joke is largely on us. Just as Christie seems to be wondering what on earth he's doing, perhaps we should too.