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SNL reveals Trump's controversial tweets caused by huge hands

Technically Incorrect: Saturday Night Live cannot help mocking the Republican candidate and his stance on women.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives


A handy explanation.

SNL/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Donald Trump is a big hit with women.

Well, at least in his own mind.

He's also big on Twitter. Sometimes, though, he emits tweets -- especially those about women, strangely enough -- that cause a little controversy.

One of the most prominent was when he retweeted a less than flattering picture of Heidi Cruz, wife of Republican candidate Ted, juxtaposed with a picture of his own wife, former model Melania Trump.

He now says he regrets the retweet. However, on "Saturday Night Live," Scottie Nell Hughes, a defender of the Donald, appeared to explain his tweeting to CNN.

This was actually Cecily Strong, offering a parody of some of Trump's more strikingly articulate spokespeople.

Asked how she could defend Trump's retweets of sexist images, she replied: "So actually, that was an accident, OK. Because Donald's hands are just so big, he can't see every little tweet his fingers retweet."

It's an alluring explanation. After all, Trump himself had been forced to explain that his hands -- and therefore his lower appendages -- are by no means small.

"You know his hands are THIS big," continued Hughes, showing at least a 12-inch spread between her two palms.

The CNN interviewer, played by Kate McKinnon, sat aghast. But Hughes continued by handily explaining away Trump's apparent antipathy toward women.

She offers a Yo' Mama joke. She suggested that Trump's musing that women who have abortions should be punished was merely an April Fool's Joke.

The evidence does, though, mount against her cause in this skit -- especially in a scene from a Trump rally in which the Republican candidate offers a pro-women chant that isn't as pro-women as, say, women would like.

Still, you'll still be focusing on his hands. Can it be that the man is simply overly endowed in the finger regions?

In this presidential campaign, everything is possible. Just as every explanation for something said or tweeted seems more absurd than the last.