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On SNL, Donald Trump claims he tweets from golden toilet bowl

Technically Incorrect: A new season of "Saturday Night Live' begins, with Alec Baldwin playing the Republican candidate and revealing the location of his 3 a.m tweets.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.


Guess where he is when he tweets.

SNL/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

We're so used to seeing tweets from our presidential candidates and their campaigns that we rarely stop to think where they are are when these pithy postings are made.

Do they tap away on their campaign planes? Do they eat fast food as they fast-type? Do they chuckle at their own cleverness, once the tweets are live?

Last night, "Saturday Night Live" debuted with Alec Baldwin playing Donald Trump and Kate McKinnon continuing in her excellent portrayal of Hillary Clinton, we were given a big clue.

After last week's debate, it was hard for the writers to generate humor, given that the candidates had beaten them to it in the supposedly profound main event.

So Baldwin and McKinnon offered a rehash of the debate with elements of subtext that the writers hoped would make people laugh.

Clinton revealed that she knows people hate her face, her voice, and, well, her. She insisted, though, that her father had actually been a human.

Trump explained that "China" is pronounced "Jina." He admitted to kissing Fox News personality Sean Hannity. He claimed all "the blacks" in Chicago lived on one street -- Hell Street.

But where was Trump when he fired off his 3 a.m. tweet storm on Friday?

Baldwin, playing Trump with a pronounced bottom-lip pout, explained that he still doesn't know the last name of the woman called Monica with whom Bill Clinton had, well, relations.

"When I get it, I'm going to set my alarm for 3:20 a.m. and go sit on my golden toilet bowl and tweet about it until completion," he said.

So there we have it. Comedy is a struggle when real life is just too funny.

But if you need to send a tweet in the middle of the night and you want to sound serious, please make sure you're sitting comfortably.