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Olympus skins bring back the '60s

Special-edition Mju 1200 models sport psychedelic designs.


If traditionally stuffy HP can come up with a psychedelic laptop, then certainly Olympus can do the same with its cameras. (Though that doesn't necessarily mean that's a good thing.)

Like it or hate it, Olympus is releasing a limited-edition "Mju 1020" sporting colors and patterns that could be spotted by a one-eyed beggar a mile away. Designed by Romanian artist Matei Apostolescu, 5,000 of the 10.1-megapixel cameras will be produced with skins worthy of a Jefferson Airplane album cover. Aside from the funky threads, it features a 7x optical zoom, 2.7-inch LCD, image stabilization, and face-detection technology.

Olympus also claims that, with the appropriate casing, it has an underwater range of up to 40 meters. The skins might help there too, because they'd probably make unappetizing shark bait.