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Olympic notebook: Photo finishes from Vancouver

Omega's high-end digital camera provides a unique look at some of the closest calls of the Winter Games. Meanwhile, geek bobsledder Steven Holcomb sets his eyes on the four-man after missing the podium in two-man event.

VANCOUVER, B.C.--The advantage of being Omega, in addition to the branding benefit of being the official timekeeper, is you also get access to some really cool photos from the Olympic finish line.

And this year, Omega has an even more powerful 2,000-frame-per-second camera to capture those close calls. The folks at Omega were nice enough to share some of the photos from the first week of the games, which I've put into a photo gallery.

The shots include Seth Wescott narrowly winning the gold medal in snowboard cross and Apolo Anton Ohno edging out Canadian Charles Hamelin in a semifinal heat of the men's 1,000-meter speedskating. In the finals of the same event, it was two Koreans in a tight finish for the gold, with Ohno getting the bronze.

Off the podium
Unfortunately, it wasn't a photo finish for Steve Holcomb in the two-man bobsled. The tech enthusiast and bobsled star was in fourth place after the first two of four runs and finished sixth.

Holcomb said he had hoped to do better going into the last run. "It's a disappointment," he told reporters on Sunday. "We were in reach (of a medal)."

In a Twitter post he added, "We gave it everything we had, unfortunately it just wasn't enough."

But Holcomb and fellow bobsledder and "Mac guy" Steve Mesler are looking forward to the four-man event where they are the reigning world champions. That event is slated to run February 26 and 27, and I am hoping to cover at least part of it in person from the Whistler Sliding Center.

"You've got to suck it up and move on to the next race," Holcomb said after Sunday's final run.


As for today, I am back at women's hockey, again checking out some of the less highly ranked--but no less spirited--teams. It should be a nice low-key affair compared to the men's hockey madness that was Super Sunday. All of Canada is still reeling from the country's stunning loss to Team USA.

"OUCH!" screams the headline on today's 24H newspaper here. "Canadian pride takes beating at hands of America in 5-3 loss."