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Dog in viral video: Dear humans, quit laughing at my wipeout

A Jack Russell acrobatically face-plants at a dog show. Watch and you might learn something about staying the course, even when you blow it big-time.

Hey there, humans, Olly the Jack Russell terrier here. I know a lot of you are snickering and sharing my viral video from the Crufts 2017 dog show in Birmingham, England, over the weekend. Well, ha ha ha right back atcha.

Sure, it's hilarious how I take down that first hurdle and end up acrobatically face-planting in front of the enormous audience. But please notice that I totally defy the laws of gravity there, balancing the entire weight of my furry bod on my cute little nose, then immediately getting up and racing on. Can you do that? I don't think so.

People have also made fun of me for going the wrong way during the obstacle course. Oh, right, like the order of the obstacles makes some kind of logical sense. It's like if I gave you humans a test and it involved first washing dishes, then sending a fax, then, hey, reading a book for five seconds but NOT ONE SECOND LONGER, then putting it down and jumping over a random chair. You'd probably also feel like going rogue.

And the sniff. Yes, the sniff. So I briefly wander off mid-course and head to the corner of the arena to smell things. Read your Wikipedia. My nose is 40 times more sensitive than yours, and I am still pretty confident I sensed a disturbance in the Force over in that corner. My sniffing it out surely saved the entire audience from death and destruction. That or maybe somebody dropped a Snausage crumb.

So I didn't win. Still seems like you humans could learn a thing or two from my enthusiasm. Note that I never stop running, even when I'm going the wrong way, and that my face never loses its ecstatic, this-is-the-best-day ever expression. And more than 850,000 people have watched my little run, maybe learning a little something about never giving up even in the face of embarrassingly public fumbles.

Who's a good boy? Without a doubt it's me.

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