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Olivia Rodrigo and Paramore now share songwriting credits on Good 4 U

They're in the business of misery, let's take it from the top.

Singer-songwriter Olivia Rodrigo.
Jason Mendez/Getty Images

After countless comparisons and mash-ups demonstrating the similarity between Olivia Rodrigo's Good 4 U and Paramore's Misery Business, the latter have retroactively been given songwriting credits on Rodrigo's hit.

The debut single from Rodrigo's Sour album, Good 4 U, now lists both Hayley Williams and Josh Farro as co-writers, which also means they'll get a share of the royalties from the chart-topping hit. The change comes after millennials on TikTok and YouTube began a trend of mashing up the two songs. 

According to Variety, the credit is allegedly an interpolation, which is "an element of a previously recorded song re-recorded and incorporated into a new song." This would mean that there would have been conversations among Rodrigo, Williams and Farro prior to the song's release, but the change has only been official in the months since.

While the exact timing of the credits being added remains unknown, Paramore recently reposted an Instagram story from Warner Chappell Music announcing the addition, with the caption "Our publisher is wildin' rn."

This is the second artist that Rodrigo has given songwriting credits to after the release of her album, with Taylor Swift also listed as a co-writer on both Déjà vu and 1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back.