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Old tools reborn as undersea creatures in 'The Deep'

Animation genius PES takes viewers into a mysterious world where metal objects perform an amazing undersea dance.

The Deep
"The Deep" reimagines manufactured objects as undersea lifeforms.
Video screenshot by Tim Horyak/CNET

American animator PES is known for his mind-bending shorts featuring everyday objects.

In his Academy Award-nominated "Fresh Guacamole," strange things happen on a kitchen coutertop.

One of his latest YouTube uploads is "The Deep," an enchanting animation featuring metal tools as bizarre aquatic creatures, but ones that are eerily lifelike.

The short was first released in 2010 and appeared on Showtime's YouTube channel but PES has uploaded it in high-def to his own channel.

Shot in Culver City, Calif., it portrays a shadowy underwater world of denizens of the deep, some of which you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley -- or body of water.

But these creatures are actually old-school metal tools: everything from pliers, keys, and can openers to presses and calipers.

The undersea plant life and scenery is fashioned from discarded faucet knobs and chains, creating a surreal metallic landscape.

As with "Fresh Guacamole," the piece is remarkable for its comparison of manufactured objects to ones found in the natural world. "The Deep" also makes tools move in a surprisingly fishy fashion.

Check it out below, and see more PES animations here.

(Via This is Colossal)