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Old Spice recruits dads for creepy sequel to stalking-moms ad

Just in time for for Thanksgiving, Old Spice shows what happens when both parents stalk their sons. Can this ad achieve the fragrant heights of its predecessor?

Dad is happy for his boy to be a man. Mom is not. Old Spice/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

When virility and virality collide, the results can be powerful, if pungent.

At the beginning of the year, body spray brand Old Spice released something into the viral atmosphere that made certain viewers turn a funny color.

It was an ad in which moms stalked their teen sons, sad that they would soon be leaving the warm bosom of home.

Soon after its release, Old Spice parent company Procter and Gamble claimed the ad was the "No. 1 viral video in the world."

Now, just in time for Thanksgiving, Old Spice on Monday decided to release a companion piece, in which dads play companion to the stalking moms.

Mom is still desperate to have her son attached to her apron strings. Dad is only too happy for him to become a man, so that dad can have an extra room for storage.

The music in this delightfully creepy, insane oeuvre was composed by Bret McKenzie of Flight of the Conchords fame.

The question is, though, whether this attempt to return to the well of twisted familial relationships will capture imaginations as much as the original.

While the original enjoyed nearly 10 million YouTube views, the release of the dad version has only garnered a mere 75,000 at the time of writing.