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Old-school MacPaint revived online with CloudPaint

Start sharpening your lasso skills! The 1984 software program MacPaint gets new life as a fully usable Web version called CloudPaint.

Ah, memories.
Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

I remember staring at a little Macintosh screen in my younger years, fiddling with shapes, spray-paint brushes, and brick patterns. I created little computer drawings of cats and fantastical creatures. It was all done with MacPaint, the classic Apple drawing software that debuted in 1984.

Flash-forward to modern day and all those memories are coming back thanks to CloudPaint, a fully functional version of MacPaint online from developer Martin Braun. It's all there, from the FatBits feature to the annoying little selection lasso.

MacPaint is now a completely outdated program. You're probably not going to use the CloudPaint version to design impressive works of art, but it is fun to take a nostalgic visit to the days when computers were boxy and beige and we were all wowed by games like Scarab of Ra and Stunt Copter.

MacPaint originally shipped with Macs in 1984, but anybody who bought the separate software bundle along with MacWrite shelled out $195 for the program. CloudPaint is quite free, however. MacPaint went open source in 2010, and now it's open for anyone with a Web browser to enjoy.

(Via BoingBoing)