OK Go's new music video will make you flip out and slow down

"The One Moment" video was shot in just 4.2 seconds and then slowed down to four minutes -- making it a visual slow-motion feast.

Patrick Holland Managing Editor
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Patrick Holland

OK Go consistently makes cool music videos comprised of a single continuous -- or seemingly continuous -- camera shot filming the band's performance. The band's latest video for its song "The One Moment" is all about slow motion -- really, really slow motion.

The entire performance lasts just 4.2 seconds. But that's where the slow motion kicks in. Each second is slowed down to a minute. Add in a bunch of flip books, paint and exploding things (which are miraculously synchronized to the music) and you have an amazing video that is definitely worth multiple viewings. Check out OK Go's video above.

And if like me you wonder, "How the heck did they make this?" Well, OK Go has got your back. Take a look at its behind-the-scenes video below.