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OK Go take off with a drone and electric unicycles in latest stunning one-take video

The intricately choreographed and dizzyingly ambitious one-take video for "I Won't Let You Down" doesn't let us down.

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Richard Trenholm
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OK Go are OK going bigger -- and higher -- than ever with a drone camera shooting their astonishingly intricate new music video.

The Chicago-born indie rock band debut their latest single, the disco-tastic "I Won't Let You Down", with the latest in a line of jaw-dropping videos today. Since dancing on a series of treadmills for their 2006 single and viral online hit "Here It Goes Again", the band has built a reputation for ever-more ambitious and visually complex music videos, often involving slickly planned single takes. And with "I Won't Let You Down" -- well, they haven't let us down.

Directed by Kazuaki Seki and the band's singer Damian Kulash Jr, the video starts with the band indoors on motorised unicycles performing a complicated dance. That's ambitious enough for one video, but then they scoot outdoors -- and the camera goes with them, soaring vertiginously skywards to reveal an army of dancers with a kaleidoscopic array of coloured umbrellas. The drone yo-yos to the ground and back to the heavens amid the swirling dancing before taking to the skies again for a jaw-dropping final shot.

The band perform the whole video riding on Honda's self-balancing Uni-Cub unicycle. And Honda had a hand in creating the custom-designed multi-copter camera filming proceedings, which is capable of hovering at ground level or soaring to the clouds above.

Also featuring a cameo from J-pop band Perfume, the video was shot in the large filming location Longwood Station near Tokyo.

The single "I Won't Let You Down" is released on 8 December, with new album "Hungry Ghosts" dropping in February.