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Oh, no. Samsung's new phone bends just like an iPhone?

Technically Incorrect: Stress tests on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge show that it not only bends, but the glass shatters too. Does it matter?

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

The Galaxy S6 Edge allegedly cracks under pressure. SquareTrade/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

In the annals of great disasters, Bendgate has its place.

Surely you remember the iPhone 6 Plus being bent by the bare hairy hands of experts, and even by machines?

Surely you wept as you saw it disfigured like a night on the town after one too many banana daiquiris.

Naturally, competitors saw this and chuckled. Samsung even released a video that allegedly proved its Galaxy Note 4 was not for bending.

The same doesn't seem to be true with the Galaxy 6 Edge. The big brains at SquareTrade decided to put this lovely new phone to the test. What they discovered is that it became unlovely with exactly the sort of pressure that did in the iPhone 6 Plus.

The testing video shows that one leg of an offensive lineman -- I'm estimating it weighs 110 pounds -- not only bends the Edge, but also gets its glass to crack.

Moreover, the Edge broke apart at 149 pounds of pressure, whereas the iPhone 6 Plus survived until 179 pounds.

I imagine that one or two Apple fanpersons will be giggling to their Easter Bunnies at this news. They might even crow to their Edgier friends that their gadget cracks under pressure.

I have contacted Samsung to ask whether the company has any advice for its users and will update, should I hear.

I, though, already have some advice: There is no need to put your phone in your back pocket.

This may be the likeliest place where your perfectly firm rear curvature could disfigure your phone. Besides, it's a terrible look.

It makes your bottom appear battery-powered. It makes one side of your rear end so much less attractive than the other. It offers the sort of visual disharmony that would make Jony Ive palpitate with anguish and turn white walls red.

We all want bigger phones these days. So we must think of intelligent places in which to store them.

For our phone's sake. For our trousers' sake. And for the sake of all who like to look at us from behind.