Oh my! George Takei loses gaming virginity to Felicia Day

"Star Trek" veteran George Takei learns to play Mario Party 4 with help from his gaming sensei, actress Felicia Day, on her YouTube show "Co-Optitude." Hilarity ensues.

Video screenshot by Leslie Katz/CNET

Watching George Takei play a video game is just about as adorable as watching a newborn fawn walk for the first time -- only a lot more entertaining.

The "Star Trek" actor laughs his way through multiple levels of Maro Party 4 on actress Felicia Day's retro-gaming show "Co-Optitude" on Geek and Sundry's YouTube channel.

After Takei had Day as a guest on "Takei's Take," his new YouTube talk show about social media and technology, it was only fitting that he co-star on the YouTube show that Day normally co-hosts with her brother Ryon Day.

Playing in co-op mode for 10 rounds against the computer, Takei is Yoshi and Day is Peach. Highlights include Day wearing her Toad hat; Takei reading the dialog aloud in character as only he can; and Takei getting excited that the game controller vibrates.

Day and Takei even do fashion critiques of characters' costumes. "He looks like he doesn't bathe," Takei says of the character Waluigi. "I can smell him."

Following his Mario Party 4 lesson, Takei may not be ready for the pro-gaming circuit, but he's excited to take on more players. "You have opened up a new world for me," Takei tells Day. "I boldly went where I've never been before, and now I will live long and prosper."

"I'll be able to play with my grand-nephew now," Takei adds proudly.