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Ogle every single original Star Wars vehicle to scale in this video

Relive the original Star Wars movies through the eyes of an artist who illustrated all the vehicles and laid them out by size.

Illustrator Scott Park tackles a ton of Star Wars vehicles.
Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

There are plenty of cool vehicles in the original Star Wars trilogy. Everyone knows the Death Star and the Millennium Falcon, but let's not forget the swoop bike and the A-1 Deluxe Floater landspeeder. Illustrator Scott Park climbed the sci-fi mountain by illustrating dozens of Star Wars vehicles, which were then compiled into a video that shows them to scale with each other.

The video, hosted by Sploid on YouTube, went up on Tuesday. It takes only about a minute and a half to explore the many vehicles, but it's a rewarding experience. Park has an engaging approach to illustration that draws on a Jetsons-style aesthetic and makes an AT-ST look almost friendly.

The video starts off with an image of a Stormtrooper to get you into the Star Wars mindset. We all know roughly how tall a Stormtrooper is, so it sets the scene for all the vehicles to come. Next up is the Ewok glider, a winged contraption designed to levitate the fluffy aliens around Endor.

What qualifies as a "vehicle" is open to interpretation, so we're treated to a Tauntaun; the fat lizardlike dewback (ridden like a horse); and the Snuffleupagus-esque horned bantha.

It's especially entertaining to see two vehicles together that you wouldn't normally see in tandem. It gives you an idea of just how big Jabba the Hutt's Khetanna sail barge is when you see it sitting next to the Millennium Falcon.

The video works its way up to the larger ships. If you thought a Super Star Destroyer was big, just wait until Darth Vader's main ride shows up. It's no surprise the Death Star makes the Ewok glider look like a dust speck on its windshield.

All in all, the video covers 48 vehicles. It's supposed to contain every single mode of transportation from the original trilogy, and I didn't notice anything missing. The size comparisons may be a little off in places (I'm looking at you, Death Star II), but it's a fun jaunt through the Star Wars universe.