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Official 'Doctor Who' Lego set pictures escape from Gallifrey

Whovians finally get a Lego set of their very own with an official release that includes the TARDIS, two Doctors, Clara, Daleks and a nightmarish Weeping Angel.

Let's get timey-wimey. Lego

Our journey begins back in early 2014 when Lego lifted the ban on fan-designed for its Lego Ideas site. Ideas is a vast community of plastic-brick enthusiasts who create and share projects and vote on which ones they like. Lego then considers the fan-built concepts for actual production.

Lego and "Who" enthusiast Andrew Clark had his design chosen for a production run. Now we get to see what the new set will look like.

Lego on Tuesday unveiled a series of photos showing an open TARDIS control room complete with console. This room looks like it's primarily modeled after the one used by Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor. If you're a big fan of Capaldi's Twelth Doctor, you will need to add your own Lego book shelves.

As with most Lego sets, the joy is in the details. The console has a series of custom panels to give the impression of plenty of buttons and screens. There's a tiny sonic screwdriver to fit into the minifig hands of the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors.

Every Doctor needs a companion, so we get Clara Oswald of the current series. This should lead to a booming secondary Lego market for minifig designs of past companions. I would like Donna, Amy, Rory and Leela, please.

Every Doctor also needs some villains. The set includes two Daleks with Lego plungers on board and a Weeping Angel, which still manages to look incredibly creepy even when rendered in plastic.

There are some minorly goofy aspects to the set, as well. Capaldi's Doctor looks very purple and could almost pass for a minifig version of the very first Doctor as played by William Hartnell. The Daleks are a little emaciated, but that's understandable. It's hard to render the spacefaring death machines on such a small scale.

The set goes on sale December 1 for $60 or £50 (about AU$105 converted). The "Doctor Who" universe is so massive, here's hoping we can look forward to some expansion sets featuring earlier Doctors, more companions and a wide range of villains (hello, Missy).

If you have a few minutes to kill, you can watch a YouTube video of the Gallifreyan Shopping Network introduction for the set: