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Office for Mac to get conversation view

In video previews for next Mac Office, Microsoft confirms new Outlook will support conversation views, a longtime Gmail feature recently added to Windows Office.

After adding conversation view to the latest PC version of Office, Microsoft confirmed on Wednesday that it is adding the feature to the next version of Mac Office, which is coming later this year.

As part of a series of videos previewing Office for Mac 2011 that Microsoft is releasing on Wednesday, the company showed the new e-mail threading view as well as the ribbon-style interface and a new template gallery that will be part of the new Office. Conversation threading has long been a selling point of Google's Gmail, but Microsoft has been steadily adding it to products including Office for Windows and Hotmail.

Microsoft also noted that the new Outlook will work with the Mac OS' Time Machine backup and Spotlight search features.

Redmond said last year that it was bringing Outlook back to the Mac after years of including a less compatible e-mail and calendar application, known as Entourage. Initially Entourage had almost no support for Microsoft's Exchange server software, but it has steadily gained Exchange support over the past several years.

Update: The videos are now live here.