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Off-topic: Thanksgiving pie with the Asays


Tonight Jen and I spent Thanksgiving with her family, which necessitated me baking three pies: pecan (my favorite), maple cream (family favorite), and Sunny Lemon Cream (my neighbor's favorite, shown at right). It turned out really well - not too tart, but just enough kick to need the whipping cream to mellow it.

As for pumpkin, I had made a corn meal crust to go with my eggnog pumpkin pie, but since I really don't like pumpkin pie very much, I didn't bother. Pumpkin is one of those things we eat because we feel we should, and not because we like to.

Agree? It's a bit like turkey, no? Americans eat turkey for Thanksgiving, but I think most people would prefer to have a steak. Or a ham. Or something. We've taken to soaking the turkey in brine or deep-frying it or finding other ways to make it taste less like turkey. This year it was brine...