Off-topic: Thank goodness we have YouTube!

YouTube is a bastion for the lowest-common denominator video that people seem to love. Dumb people.

Where else would we find all those funny videos featuring people getting hit in the crotch? And that is, in fact, the source of a fair amount of YouTube's traffic, according to WebProNews. I don't know about you, but I don't feel like my day is complete without watching a cat fall off a TV, seeing people dancing on treadmills, and such.

YouTube is the new central repository for crotch-smashing, according to the article:

Go look at the graph on the Hitwise blog, or take my word for it - searches for "funny videos" are approaching zero even as "youtube" queries continue to climb.

Conclusive? Nah. But admit it: when you need to get your daily fix of people or animals doing the Craziest Things, you go to YouTube.

Google won't be crying about the traffic, but how do you advertise against it? What would you put to the side of this video, which claims to be "The Funniest!!!"?

Yeah, me, too. Madlibs. By the truckload.