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Off-topic: Arsenal thrash Sevilla 3-0

And again

Blimey! Arsenal are on an absolute tear lately. Confidence is high, the style is beautiful to watch, and the club is making piles of cash. Everything is going in its favor.

I listened to the match today on Arsenal TV, so I can only comment as a happy blind man. To trounce Sevilla is no mean feat. This is a top side with a lot of class. But, today, they were outclassed by a superior team.

For those of you who have never understood the allure of football (soccer), you need to spend 30 minutes with Arsenal. They will teach you to love the game. The sheer artistry on display is enough to make you weep. Or, in my case, spend far too much money on Arsenal tickets and gear. As fetishes go, however, it's fairly innocuous. :-)

Even better, Liverpool and Chelsea could only manage to draw against their meager opponents. At least ManUnited showed some talent and won today against Sporting Lisbon. Barcelona also won, and Henry finally found his boots. He dropped one into the net in the 90th minute. Better late than never, but I'm certainly not crying about him leaving the team. We're much better for his absence.