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Off-topic: Arsenal 3, Sunderland 2

It just keeps going and going and going

Thirteen games without a loss, and only one draw. Arsenal continue to prove that determination and youth are more than a match for the overpaid stars of Chelski or the lately resurgent Manchester United. In a 3-2 victory over Sunderland today, Arsenal showed that it still knows how to lose a lead, but then how to grimly put away a game.

Van Persie put the Gunners ahead after only seven minutes, and Senderos put the hosts up 2-0 within 14 minutes on a corner of all things (Arsenal generally don't pose much of a threat on corners). The game looked to be over.


But Roy Keane's Sunderland drew level shortly after halftime, and the game opened up. It wasn't until 10 minutes from time that Van Persie sent the newbies back to the Stadium of Light to nurse wounds and wonder what might have been.

Another win to the Arsenal. But also another reason for soul searching as they ponder how to keep and increase a lead. This is an exceptional team. But they need to ensure that minnows like Sunderland get no favors.

Only then will they convince that they own the Premiership.